Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Announcing "Smithsonian" Winners!

Congratulations to Betty Richards and Erin F who won subscriptions to Smithsonian magazine through my giveaway! Comment #11 (by Betty Richard) and Comment #12 (by Erin F) were randomly selected as the winners:

Betty Richard: "Congrats on the milestone! That shows commitment!"

Erin F: "Congrats! So much wonderful art history on the web! And a great giveaway to boot! Keep writing!"

Betty and Erin, you have three days to contact me via email (albertis.window@gmail.com) in order to claim the prize and give me a mailing address.* If a winner does not come forth by that time, I will then randomly select a new winner.

Enjoy your subscriptions! Smithsonian is a fantastic magazine. I've enjoyed my subscription for several years, and I'm pleased to share Smithsonian with others.

*Your mailing address will not be used for any other purpose than the Smithsonian subscription.