Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jumping Through History Each Week

This is the first quarter that I've taught four classes at the same time. And believe me - this is a busy time! It's been interesting to teach so many different artistic periods during the same quarter; I'm constantly jumping between BC and CE dates. Next week's lecture schedule seems particularly diverse:

Monday's lecture:

Courbet, The Stone Breakers, 1849 (destroyed 1945)
(This lecture discusses the role of "avant-garde" art in connection with politics)

Tuesday's lecture:
The architectural orders of ancient Greece
(This is an introductory lecture to ancient Greek art and architecture)

Wednesday's lecture:

Daumier, Les Femmes Socialistes, c. 1848
(This lecture discusses how not all "avant-garde" artists align themselves with socially oppressed groups)

Thursday morning's lecture:

Dipylon funerary krater, c. 700-750 BC
(This lecture is devoted to the connection between ancient Greek women and funerary vases)

Thursday evening's lecture:

Jan Borman, detail from carved altarpiece of Saint George, 1493
(This lecture discusses the phenomenon of commercial altarpieces in the Northern Renaissance)

Friday's lecture:

Ingres, The Grand Odalisque, 1814
(This lecture is devoted to postcolonial theory and popularity of Orientalist art in the 19th century)