Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art History Buffness

Some of you may have noticed the new list of "40 Books that Art History Buffs Love," which was recently compiled by Accredited Online Colleges. I looked through the list, and noticed that I have read (or at least read a good portion from) twelve out of the forty books listed. By my calculations, that means that I'm 30% of an art history buff, right?

I tweeted about my 30% buff-ness online, and my friend heidenkind jokingly made me this button. (I think she threw in an extra 10% for good measure, which is great - then I get a little bit of a reading buffer while building up my buff-ness!)

What percentage of art historical buff-ness are you? Any books that you want to read from the list, or have no desire to read? I think there are a lot more books that I would add to the list (why isn't there anything by Winckelmann or Burckhardt?!?). And I'd probably take out a few books that are on there - I've never even heard of the Cezanne book by Rainer Maria Rilke...