Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picasso on a Bicycle

I don't know how I've functioned as an art historian without seeing this Monty Python clip about Picasso on a bicycle:

I found this clip after coming across another art history blog, Art History Ramblings. The author Catherine lists as many artists as she was able to hear in the clip, and I couldn't decipher the others ones shouted by John Cleese.

So now I propose a game, readers. Do you know of any the artists mentioned in this clip which actually depict a bicycle in their art? (And I don't think that I heard Duchamp listed in the clip, so you can't choose his Bicycle Wheel (original of 1913). That's too easy, anyway.)  I'm not too savvy on bicycle art, but I do have one contribution:

Georges Braque, My Bicycle (Mon Velo), 1941-60
This painting is in a private collection, so I don' t know much about it. But it is briefly mentioned in this MOMA biography on Braque

Happy bicycle hunting! And happy weekend!