Saturday, February 6, 2010

My CAA Wish List

You might be aware that the annual conference for College Art Association (CAA) is starting next week (February 10-13). I wish I could go, but a) I can't afford to fly to Chicago and b) I have to teach. Nonetheless, I have poured through the conference catalog (see online list here) and have marked the sessions that I wish I could attend:

- "Women, Femininity, and Public Space in Nineteenth Century Visual Culture." Chairs: Heather Belnap Jensen (Brigham Young University) and Temma Balducci, (Arkansas State University)

- "Sculpture and Race, 1750 to the Present." Chair: Linda Kim, Smith College

- "Representations of Brazil and Shifting Identities." Chairs: Aleca Le Blanc (University of Southern California); Elena Shtomberg (University of Utah). (*This session was MADE for me to attend! Why am I not going to be there?!?! I'm especially intrigued by Rebecca Parker Brienen's topic, "Frans Post's Brazilian Landscapes.")

- "Thinking about Colonial Latin American Art." Chair: Elizabeth Hill Boone, Tulane University. (*Again, this session perfectly aligns with my interests! Bah! I really wish I could hear "The Politics of Competing Visualities in Early Colonial Latin American Art" by Jeanette Favrot Peterson with Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann.)

- "'Classicisms,' 'Mannerisms' and 'Baroquisms': Sixteenth - and Seventeenth-Century Visual Culture in Europe and Other Cultural Centers." Chairs: Larry Silver (University of Pennsylvania) and Lynette M. F. Bosch, State University of New York, Genesco.

Are you going to CAA? What sessions will you/did you attend? Does anyone else have a wish list with no possibility of attendance (and want to commiserate with me)? I just hope that some of these lectures are recorded or later published. For now, though, it looks like I'll just be able to follow the conference blog so I can feel part of the action. Sigh.